For a candidate to qualify to be a recognized student of the School he/she must be registered. Registration is an obligatory prerequisite of the School, which must be done within the first three (3) weeks from the beginning of the semester by every student. Registration is held in designated areas that are communicated. Students must complete all the required registration formalities within the prescribed time in order to avoid inconveniences later.

Registration requirements

  • Students should note that the School Policy on Registration does not allow one to register for more than one academic program at the same time. For registration purposes, the Originals of the following must be produced by each First year student:
  • Original Admission Letter
  • Original Birth Certificate
  • An identity card from the previous ‘O’ Level and ‘A’ Level Schools. Certificate holders must produce identity cards from their previous institution. Identity cards from Employers are not accepted for registration purposes.
  • Original O-Level Certificate/Pass slip (UCE or Equivalent)
  • Original A-Level Certificate/ Pass slip (UACE or Equivalent)
  • Original Certificate / Transcript of Degree/ Diploma/Certificate/Mature Age entry Scheme (where applicable).
  • Medical Examination form from the School Health Centre.
  • Evidence of payment of  Ugx 20,000 or National Council for Higher Education (NCHE)
  • Copies of the pay-in receipts/Deposit slip acknowledging payment of Tuition fees, Registration fees, Examination fees, Medical fee (Treatment), Library fees, Development fees, Research fee, Identity Card, Medical Examination, Guild fee, Rules and Caution, and Computer fees as indicated on the statement of fees from the School Bursar’s office.
  • Two (2) photocopies of admission letter
  • Two (2) photocopies each of the ‘O’ and ‘A’ Level Results Slips/Certificates, and certified Transcripts/Certificates from the awarding institutions in case of Degree/Diploma/Certificate holders.
  • Two (2) copies of verified financial statement acknowledging payment of the Registration fees, Tuition fees, examination fees, Library fees, development fee, research fee, identity card and computer fees.
  • Five (5) most recent passport size photographs (current likeness). Students who do not provide the above evidence will not be registered and non-compliance with the deadline carries a penalty of Ugx 50,000.
  • NAMES TO USE FOR REGISTRATION (The names to use when registering are those which appear on your Admission Letter of offer and those must be the same names which appear on your ‘O’- Level, ‘A’-Level Result slips/Certificates and on Diploma, Degree and Certificate transcripts).