It is important that each student carries his/her previous O-level or A-level School Identity Card, which he/she may be requested to produce at any time by the School Officials. It will be specifically required at the Registration Time.

All registered students are issued with a single MUBS SMART Card with an expiry date covering the full period of your program. After registration each student is issued with SMART card according to the timetable provided by the School Registrar’s Office. The Identity Card gives you access to all MUBS facilities including the Library and it is also evidence of MUBS Guild Membership. This card is collected after registration and should keep it with you at all times when in the School. It is the only ID that the School accepts. If the student loses it, he/she must report to the MUBS internal security immediately, then to the School Registrar. If the Card has been lost or stolen and you have a MUBS security letter, it will be replaced with a charge.